This page contains links to older versions of the driver. Current versions can be found at the SourceForge File Listing for MM.MySQL.

You can find more information about MM.MySQL at the MM.MySQL Homepage.

All archives contain sources to the JDBC driver and an uncompressed JAR file suitable for installation in your CLASSPATH.

Documentation is located in the "doc" subdirectory in the distribution, or can be browsed here, online.

Name Last modified Size

0.X Beta Versions
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-0.6.tar.gz 21-May-98 01:25 59k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-0.8.tar.gz 06-Jul-98 17:54 66k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-0.9.tar.gz 28-Jul-98 10:52 102k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-0.9d.tar.gz 30-Jul-98 10:52 109k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-0.9e.tar.gz 5-Aug-98 14:52 154k
[CMP] 5-Aug-98 14:52 184k
1.0 Release Versions
[CMP] 24-Aug-98 23:52 208k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.0.tar.gz 24-Aug-98 23:52 171k
1.1 Beta Versions
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1.tar.gz 3-Sep-98 11:00 207k
[CMP] 3-Sep-98 11:00 243k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1a.tar.gz 2-Oct-98 11:00 212k
[CMP] 2-Oct-98 11:00 241k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1b.tar.gz 4-Nov-98 16:45 242k
[CMP] 4-Nov-98 02:00 274k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1c.tar.gz (broken build) 30-Nov-98 16:45 242k
[CMP] (broken build) 30-Nov-98 02:00 274k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1d.tar.gz 01-Dec-98 16:45 242k
[CMP] 01-Dec-98 02:00 274k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1e.tar.gz 17-Dec-98 22:45 242k
[CMP] 17-Dec-98 22:45 242k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1f.tar.gz 02-Jan-99 16:25 235k
[CMP] 02-Jan-99 16:25 260k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1g.tar.gz 19-Feb-99 10:25 256k
[CMP] 19-Feb-99 10:25 288k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1h.tar.gz 03-Mar-99 15:47 265k
[CMP] 03-Mar-99 15:47 298k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.1i.tar.gz 24-Mar-99 17:00 243k
[CMP] 24-Mar-99 17:00 280k
1.2 Release Versions
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2a.tar.gz 16-Mar-99 19:23 257k
[CMP] 16-Mar-99 19:23 292k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2b.tar.gz 07-Jul-99 08:23 348k
[CMP] 07-Jul-99 08:23 396k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c.tar.gz 21-Feb-00 07:23 396k
2.0 Pre-Release Beta Versions
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre.tar.gz 23-Aug-99 20:23 718k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre2.tar.bz2 8-Nov-99 21:45 522k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre3.tar.gz 15-Dec-99 20:25 654k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre4.tar.gz 10-Jan-00 21:00 560k
[CMP] mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre5.tar.gz 21-Feb-00 21:00 560k
2.0 Stable Versions
[TXT] README-2.0.1 31-May-00 19:46 2k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.1-bin.jar (Binaries only, just stick in your classpath) 31-May-00 19:46 69k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.1-src.jar (Sources and Documentation) 31-May-00 19:55 381k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.2-bin.jar (Binaries only, just stick in your classpath) 8-Jun-00 20:01 69k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.2-src.jar (Sources and Documentation) 8-Jun-00 20:01 381k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.3-src.jar (Sources and Documentation) 3-Dec-00 20:25 479k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.4-bin.jar (Binaries only) 25-Jan-01 20:25 108k
[CMP] mm.mysql-2.0.4-src.jar (Sources and Documentation) 25-Jan-01 18:21 496k
Documentation (Work in Progress)
[CMP] mm.doc.tar.gz 24-Aug-99 13:33 13k

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