I developed this driver in hopes of having a stable, full-featured JDBC driver for MySQL. I put it under the GNU LGPL to hopefully allow the MySQL developer community to add to the utility of the driver.

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Current releases can be found at the SourceForge File List and archived (older) versions can be found on the Older Distributions page.

The latest version is 2.0.14, released on 05-19-02, which is distributed as a .jar file containing the sources, the .class files, and binary-only .jar file suitable for installing in your application server or development environment -- mm.mysql-2.0.14-you-must-unjar-me.jar

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05-19-02 - Version 2.0.14 Released! Download mm.mysql-2.0.14-you-must-unjar-me.jar to use it, see the Release Notes to read the README and the CHANGELOG.

04-24-02 - Version 2.0.13 Released! Download mm.mysql-2.0.13-you-must-unjar-me.jar to use it, see the Release Notes to read the README and the CHANGELOG.

04-09-02 - Version 2.0.12 Released! Download mm.mysql-2.0.12-you-must-unjar-me.jar to use it, see the Release Notes to read the README and the CHANGELOG.

10-24-01 - My employer, The Net Squad now offers commercial support for MM.MySQL. Please see The Net Squad's Commercial Support Options for MM.MySQL or contact for more information.

10-24-01 - Version 2.0.7 released (see The SourceForge File List to download it) with the following fixes:

  • PreparedStatement.setCharacterStream() now implemented
  • Fixed dangling socket problem when in high availability (autoReconnect=true) mode, and finalizer for Connection will close any dangling sockets on GC.
  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision() returning one less than actual on newer versions of MySQL.
  • ResultSet.getBlob() now returns null if column value was null. - Character sets read from database if useUnicode=true and characterEncoding is not set. (thanks to Dmitry Vereshchagin)
  • Initial transaction isolation level read from database (if avaialable) (thanks to Dmitry Vereshchagin)
  • Fixed DatabaseMetaData.supportsTransactions(), and supportsTransactionIsolationLevel() and getTypeInfo() SQL_DATETIME_SUB and SQL_DATA_TYPE fields not being readable.
  • Fixed PreparedStatement generating SQL that would end up with syntax errors for some queries.
  • Fixed ResultSet.isAfterLast() always returning false. - Fixed timezone issue in PreparedStatement.setTimestamp() (thanks to Erik Olofsson)
  • Captialize type names when "captializeTypeNames=true" is passed in URL or properties (for WebObjects, thanks to Anjo Krank)
  • Updatable result sets now correctly handle NULL values in fields.
  • PreparedStatement.setDouble() now uses full-precision doubles (reverting a fix made earlier to truncate them).
  • PreparedStatement.setBoolean() will use 1/0 for values if your MySQL Version >= 3.21.23.

06-16-01 2.0.6 Released! Small bug fixes in PreparedStatement (parameter checking), and ResultSet (case-sensitive column names). See SourceForge File List to download, and Release Notes for what's been fixed.

06-13-01 2.0.5 Released! Many bug fixes, last release of the 2.0 series. See SourceForge File List to download, and Release Notes for what's been fixed.

01-25-01 2.0.4 Released! IMPORTANT bug fix for getDouble that was broken with -/+INF detection, causing incorrect parsing of decimal numbers. Please upgrade! 12-03-00 2.0.3 Released! Fixes multi-key updateable result sets, large BLOB uploads, -/+INF detection on numbers, performance improvements, JDBC2 getBigDecimal() implementation, serialized object detection from BLOBs using ResultSet.getObject().

06-08-00 2.0.2 Released! Fixes ResultSet.getDouble() array-out-of-bounds bug.

05-31-00 2.0.1 Released! First of the stable 2.0 drivers.

  • Works with both JDBC-1.12 and JDBC-2.0
  • Supports scrollability and updatability
  • Includes transaction support for servers 3.23.15 or newer!

See ChangeLog with source distribution for details.


Check out some performance data. This data was gathered using JDBCBench a tool I wrote to benchmark JDBC driver/database combinations.


MM.MySQL is known to work with the following database tools and application servers:

Apache's Jakarta Projects (Tomcat, Turbine, Velocity, et-al - MM.MySQL works with all of these tools, and in most cases is the JDBC driver used in the example applications they ship.

JBOSS - The JBOSS Open Source J2EE Application server. MM.MySQL works with both BMP and CMP beans in this environment

BEA Weblogic - MM.MySQL works with both BMP and CMP beans as well as servlets and JSPs on this commercial J2EE platform.

IBM Websphere 4.0 - MM.MySQL works with this commercial J2EE platform, BMP, servlets and JSPs are supported.

Forte for Java and its open source conterpart NetBeans - A world-class, professional IDE (Integrated Development Environment) - The NetBeans IDE is the Platform (see right) plus modules that include things such as an editor, tools for working with source code (Java, C++ and others), version control, and a lot more.

IBM VisualAge for Java - Tested with version 1.2b on 7/30/99 by myself.

Oracle's SQL/J - SQLJ stands for Embedded SQL in Java. SQLJ is similar to the ANSI/ISO "Embedded SQL" standards, which prescribe how static SQL is embedded in C, COBOL, FORTRAN, and other languages. For example, Oracle's pre-compiler product PRO*C is an implementation of the Embedded SQL standard in the host language C. Those familiar with the Oracle pre-compilers may think of SQLJ as if it were "PRO*Java".

SQL/J was tested with version 1.1d of the driver (by me) and is available from Oracle's SQL/J Webpage

TableGen - Written by Joe Carter and available from the TableGen Website, TableGen automatically generates classes to represent tables within a database. It is released under GPL.

Related Software

Middlegen - a code generation tool for EJB 2.0 CMP/CMR Entity Beans. It's useful if you have a database with existing tables and you want to map the tables to Entity Beans. You don't want to write a lot of code. You want the code to be generated. The code generated by Middlegen relies on further processing by XDoclet to produce even more code (home/remote/local interfaces, primary key classes and deployment descriptors).

DBConnectionBroker - manage pools of JDBC connections for better performance.

A Type IV JDBC driver for MySQL.

Small (<120K), high performance, LGPL License, comes with source code.


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